Growing area

The treasure map

The Tenuta’s ideal suitability for quality viticulture is rooted even more deeply in its unique geography and geology, where the components of water and earth have been so managed and harmonised with each other over the millennia that they have created the partnership that exists today. That complex is constituted by the Collio hillslopes, marked by clay-limestone marls rich in invaluable minerals and organic substances; by the alluvial plain of the Isonzo river, composed of strata of sandstone (calcified sand) and gravel; and by woods and permanent meadows of the wildlife preserve that serves as the most effective natural protective border for the vineyards.
These are the properties that the earth offers to a magisterial vitiviniculture that takes shape naturally in a local climate of unmatched balance, forged by the Alpine winds and tempered by the Adriatic breezes.
A rare equilibrium of elements, almost a blessing by nature, which Tenuta Villanova shares with the other growing areas of noble wines on this planet, located, and not at all coincidentally, on the 46th parallel.


The mission of the Tenuta di Villanova is thus simple and yet complex at one and the same time: preserve this extraordinary natural alchemy, and in a manner that benefits the entire world. The equilibrium of natural elements must be accompanied by man’s sensitive management of them, which is accomplished through ceaseless research and scientific experimentation, directed not only at the vineyards but at the wider purview of agronomic practices, aimed at preserving the overall character of the soils in addition to growing the vines. For Tenuta Villanova, this has meant, for years now, the many beneficent practices that reduce to a minimum any utilisation of chemicals in the vineyard and promote the naturalness of the grapes and the wines: terroir zonation studies, cultivation methods, individual-variety harvesting, clonal selections, and low yield per vine.
All of this has been carried out without forgetting that this treasure is to be shared with the entire world, and that every practice therefore must be performed in accord with the quality standards and timeliness requirements of the international markets.