Saturday May 23rd

Military opera, artificial place of memory, the gunboats galleries, dug in the heart of Mount Fortin, during the First World War, preserve the stories of those who have fought and represent, in their striking contrast with the sweet outside, the conflict between the destructive force of war and the creator force of Peace.

Preserved over the years by the care of the Italian alpine troopers and Tenuta Villanova, owner of the land, are finally ready to welcome the public.

On May 23, in Villanova di Farra d'Isonzo (Go), the first of a series of cultural events, in partnership with Tenuta Villanova, designed to keep alive and shared the memory of the Great War, 1915-1918, and the Peace, will take place.

During the event a commemorative work to celebrate the event , commissioned by Mrs. Giuseppina Grossi Bennati, owner of Tenuta Villanova, and created by artist Luigi Voltolina will be exposed.